Everyone loves a good backstory, right?

Well, here is ours! It all started in 2020 with a cumquat tree.  Alisha needed a pot for her front porch to plant her new purchase.  Alisha went to the usual suspects and nothing *sparked joy*. 

That’s where the idea started – Alisha & Mary, a mother daughter duo discussed the need for a beautiful pot shop that had beautiful homewares, gorgeous plants and pots around the Ringwood area. 

The nonnegotiable – it had to be affordable and community focused. 

That’s how Mamo Home was born – it was going to be an online side hustle at first but we like to do things back to front and upside down so after 2.5 years of opening the showroom and supporting over 15 small local businesses, in our showroom we are finally launching the website – we hope you love it as much as we do 💕

The Mamo Home name 

When thinking about naming our business we knew that we wanted the name to have meaning and pay tribute to someone very special to us both.

Mamó in Irish ☘️ is slang for Grandmother/Nan/Granny so it was an easy decision to name the store after all the mamó’s that have influenced us, our Nan, Mums, Aunties, Sisters and Cousins.

When designing the logo we had our beautiful Nan in mind and knew that the main colour just had to be pink.

There wasn’t a day that went by where Nan didn’t have a splash of pink, whether it was her lippy, nail polish or in her outfit ...there was pink somewhere! 💕💅👚👛

Shoutout to our friend Nay from 2dog Creative for perfecting our logo, we absolutely love it and thank you for including all the special meanings in the design.