Angus & Celeste Spherical Plant Pots are carefully moulded from hand thrown forms and are glazed in our signature earthy glaze palette. These unique two-piece planters pair both simplicity and function, perfect for homes looking to layer in natural elements and foliage to enhance any space. Inspired by the symmetrical and harmonious classic sphere shape, these planters are crafted from rustic clay and are available in four neutral shades, complementary to a vast variety of foliage types.

Comprised of two versatile sized vessels, the smaller planter is the perfect size for the work desk or home shelf. The larger size is suitable for bigger plant specimens and perfect for sideboards or counter tops. Display as a pair for a striking still life. The sphere shape includes a deep foot that locks into the base for stability and fuss free watering. The base acts as a convenient water catchment and the lock in feature allows for easy drainage and drip free watering. Explore plants like Rhipsalis, bold leafed Calatheas and Devils Ivy for extraordinary results.

What’s included?
• High-fired, stoneware two-piece planter featuring a top planting area and bottom component that acts as a drip tray
• Glazed inside and out
• Silicone plug for drainage flexibility
• Gift Boxed



Spherical Plant Pot specs image


Spherical Plant Pot specs image